Happy Halloween

Halloween 1991 Brittany was 8 months old. We borrowed a Lady Bug costume. I couldn’t have been more excited to bring Brittany trick or treating regardless of a Halloween blizzard. Driving in a non 4 wheel drive truck in 28 inches of snow. Brittany giggled and smiled while in her very bulky costume. This is how important I felt Halloween was.

Not all kids think Halloween is happy. For some it could be a sensory overload. Sensory overload could include itchy fabric, icky candy, different smells, big crowds, or loud noises. This was the case for Lindsey. Seeing Lindsey now and how much she loves Halloween, you might ask what we did to make Halloween happy.

Before trick or treating, we gave her deep pressure. We brought treats she loved with us incase she didn’t like what people were handing out. We used social stories to prepare her for what may or may not happen. We had Lindsey wear a costume she could tolerate. Our family had high hopes for a happy Halloween, but prepared ourselves for Halloween to not be happy. As a family, we went to homes where people knew us and were excepting of our situation.

When we went trick or treating to our friends house, Lindsey announced loudly and proudly that their house smelled funny. They got a good chuckle. This was a time when Lindsey was putting more words together. I was happy we could all laugh about it.

I would say Lindsey’s love for Halloween started when she went to a 4-H Halloween party. I encouraged her to dress up and participate at the Halloween party. She left the house with a frown and came home with a smile. Lindsey won 1st place in her little old lady costume. The next year she wore the same costume and won again. The same little old ladies were judging!

For a person that once threw a huge tantrum over Halloween, is now enjoying hosting Halloween parties with her boyfriend.

AutismLm would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

What is your favorite Halloween memory? We would love to hear your story.

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