Speech Day

Thursday July 16th was speech day at St. Kate’s. The girls and I were looking forward to going. This was our 5th year being there. The students listening to us are becoming physical therapist. Part of there program is learning about autism. We always get a warm welcome from the professors and students. This year was no different. Except for one BIG thing. When we arrived we were told “due to Covid each of us would be in separate rooms”. We each had a microphone. I ran the power point from my room. 34 students were divided into 4 rooms. During our speech I could hear the girls but not see them. Everything went great. I have to say I had a moment of thinking, this is a huge change for all of us but especially for Lindsey. How would she do? Lindsey impressed me. She joked with the students and said, “this sure is different, I have never done it this way before”. I was so proud of her. There was a time that she would have fell apart with this change. One of the hardest thing for autistic people is change. Along with a siblings point of view, Brittany added more information in her speech about mental health. She did an incredible job! Mental health is such a important part of our speech. Thank you St. Kate’s.

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