Our New Normal

We are homesteading. The orchard is doing well. We are enjoying our garden veggies and now collecting eggs from our 5 chickens. Building the fence for the orchard, garden, and now building a chicken coop has been a lot of work but worth it. Who would have thought that I would be out feeding and talking to chickens at 5 AM. Friends have told me I will get attached. We will see! We have had some extra down time with all the changes due to Covid. Todd and Lindsey worked 2 full weeks on the coop. I got in on the project by holding boards and painting. Lindsey came to me and said “I have to admit, this not working is getting to me”. I always thought that she would never leave her job at the YMCA. I also never new that Covid would happen. The Y has been an amazing opportunity for Lindsey. She has grown so much by working there. I came into the house, she was sitting at the desk and said, “I just applied for a job at Target”! The next day she got a interview and they offered her a job on the spot! Lindsey started her new job at Target! I will be forever grateful for the YMCA. This is a huge change from her last interview. At the Y I sat in on the interview, and helped her with the entire process. This is why I always say we can never give up on anyone. Lindsey is very excited about her new job. She also is enjoying coming home and getting lettuce from the garden and getting eggs from the coop. The homesteading helped her stay busy when I believe it was very much so needed.

The girls and I will be giving a speech at St. Kate’s collage for the physical therapy class. This is our 5th year.

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