Getting Back To A Regular Schedule

Opening my salon back up is what I have been waiting for. It’s so great seeing everyone. My clients are sharing what they have been doing. We are all talking about the feeling of isolation. I have heard that for some people this has felt great. Less people in stores, less people in the office, less people on the road, and the list goes on. For me and many others this hasn’t felt good. I’m a social butterfly as I have been told. I have never felt that I suffered from depression but this was honestly getting to me. For families who have someone who suffers from mental health and or autism I believe this is a extra hard time for them. No matter how you may feel we all seem to agree on one thing. We like having a schedule. Over night it seemed like our life completely changed. It was brought to my attention last night by a friend that many families are not receiving respite care because of social distancing. Therapy is being done a completely different way. Young people are stresses out or feeling sad because they miss their friends. Everyone is saying “I just want my schedule back.” When the girls were young it was extremely important to have a schedule. For our mental state of mind we needed a schedule. I have been at my computer multiple times in the last week to write a blog and find It really hard to focus. It has been hard to stay positive. I put myself in the lives of young families of autism and mental health and understand the many more challenges they are having during this time. Reach out for help. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. You can’t do this a lone and it’s okay.

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