Mental Health

I just looked up the number of people that suffer from mental health. Today’s numbers are around 450 million people. I remember trying to find a therapist that would work well for our family. It wasn’t easy. We would hear of a good therapist and then find out they were not taking new patients, or that they didn’t take our insurance. When living with mental health you have times of little energy. That is part of the illness. I believe not all people are receiving the help they need. Feeling connected with a therapist is very important. Keep trying until you do feel that connection. When we found that perfect person she made a huge impact on Brittany’s health. For Brittany it was a combination of talk therapy and medication. Brittany and I had many conversations about how to treat her mental health. She felt like she was a failure because she needed medication. What is the shame in needing help? We treat many illnesses with medication. Brittany has been given the tools that she needs to stay healthy. Like any illness you may have times that you need to change up your care. When you know of someone that suffers from mental health check in with them. Make sure they are okay. It can be very hard to say, “I need help”. Please help us change the stigma around mental health.

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