Fresh Start

We have come along way with autism and metal health. I thought autism was the only major thing our family would every have to face. That all changed when Brittany was diagnosed with epilepsy and mental health. Brittany has had a lot of therapy. Today she is a strong beautiful lady. When She was younger I would tell her that everyday is a new day. Everyday is a fresh start. Every day was a day that I hoped that Brittany could have a good day. Everyday was a day that for her getting out of bed was extremely hard. How would she find happiness? How could she find calm? Why do so many people suffer from depression, and mental health? Why can’t it all go away? Why can’t surgery fix mental health? My biggest question is why is it so hard to talk about? We talked about Lindsey having autism all the time, yet Brittany’s mental health was keep a little quieter. The public stigma behind mental health is changing. People today are talking about mental health. I am happy to see this change. I don’t recall mental health awareness month before. Now I’m hearing it a lot. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This month I will be sharing more of our journey on mental health. I hope we can get some conversations going between us.

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