Your Biggest Influence

This morning as I sit down to blog and start thinking about what topic will I talk about today, I decided to go to Lindsey’s many papers about her autism. The first one I grab will be my blog . I’m looking at a letter that she wrote to her Aunt Linda. My sister. For some reason Lindsey made a copy for herself! In her letter she told Linda about how very supportive she has been with her autism. She told Linda that she was the main reason that she had decided to become a teacher. She talked about how lucky she felt to be able to volunteer in her classroom. I got a phone call from a friend yesterday asking me if Lindsey would be willing to translate something for her work. They need a English form translated into Spanish. Lindsey was happy to do this for our friend. As many of you know, Lindsey took a different career path. She is not teaching in a classroom but is teaching art classes, and has keep up with her Spanish. She uses her Spanish often at work. Linda encouraged her to keep up her Spanish. And she did. Lindsey has followed her dream, just in a different way than she once thought. Think about how much you can influence one person. Who in your life has been a big influence? Yesterday as I was making my second round of homemade sweet rolls laughing at myself, trying to speed up the process, looking in the oven at my rolls that were becoming a large Cinnabon like Todd and Brittany get at MOA every year at Christmas time. I was feeling influenced by my mom. Thinking about the thousands of sweet rolls my mom has made and continues to make. Tell me your influence.

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