Rainy Day

This Thursday will mark 6 weeks of my salon being closed. I started out feeling like I had no choice but to close. I did close one day before the state officially closed Wisconsin salons. I miss my clients so much. I get phone calls from them asking “are you sure you can’t cut my hair”? I would do anything to be able to do their hair. My emotions have been all over the board. I have been sad, angry, and shocked that I have not worked 6 Saturdays in a row. Being self employed and a service industry there isn’t much time off. Our family has taken this time to build the fence, make all meals at home, watch some movies, go for walks together, cook on the open fire, and sit. Today in Wisconsin it’s a rainy dreary day. Sometimes rainy days are necessary to enjoy the days of sunshine. Rainy days- hard days remind us to appreciate good days. This is another reminder of our live with autism. Our family appreciates the small things. I definitely appreciate more family time. Also, I will never take my job for granted. You never know when life is going to throws you a curve ball.

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