Our Orchard/Garden

Todd asked me a couple weeks ago about what I thought of some more fruit trees. We currently have 4 apple trees that we planted 3 years ago. Todd has enjoyed the trees and apple pie making with my Mom. I agreed to 2 cherry trees and 2 pear trees. When he gets something going we don’t stop until it’s 100% done. I thought this would also be a good time to add a container garden. We drew out a plan, had materials delivered, and started the project. In just 2 weeks we built a 66 ft by 36 ft fence around our orchard. We put in 34 post, and ran very heavy duty fencing. It was a ton of work. I was icing my body every night. Looking at all this work I wondered how we would find the strength to build this. Brittany, Lindsey, and Zach Lindsey’s boyfriend were a huge help with the project. We couldn’t just plant the trees, water them and watch them grow. Watching deer in the yard is also great fun except when they are wrecking our trees. This was the reason we did all this work. It was to save 8 trees, and a very small garden. When Lindsey was diagnosed with autism you might say we put a fence around our family. We were very careful who we let into our lives. We couldn’t let just anyone in. We will nurture and support the growth of our trees and vegetables just as we did for Lindsey. We nurtured her, supported her, and watched her grow into a beautiful young lady.

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