We Can Laugh About It Now

There is no time like the old time, when you and I were young.“— Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

When Lindsey was a senior in high school, she did a house-sitting job for some family friends. I didn’t want her to feel lonely so I stayed a couple nights. We were having so much fun watching a scary movie. Once the movie was over, my sister said, “I’m going to bed. Make sure to shut off ALL the lights.” I told her I would. But I never did because, whenever I watch a scary movie, I always keep the lights on. I woke up to a letter saying, “Dear Brittany, I’m disappointed that you did not shut off ALL the LIGHTS. You are Wasting their money and ruining the environment. PLEASE shut off lights next time.” I was shocked by the letter. I shrugged it off and threw the letter away. When I tried to turn on a light, I couldn’t because my sister taped the light so I couldn’t turn the light on. She did this to ALL the lights in the house! With siblings, especially with autism, you learn to laugh off the small things.

I was talking to Lindsey this morning. She said I now understand why you left the lights on after a scary movie. She watched a scary movie and had to keep a night light on. She also said she taught me a lesson. WE CAN LAUGH ABOUT IT NOW

What are some things you can laugh about now that your sibling did?

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