Diagnosing Autism Disorder for Lindsey

There is no blood test, there is not an x-ray, and it’s not a quick diagnosis for Autism Disorder. Lindsey was seen by multiple Doctors, Therapist, Psychologist, and Psychiatrist. She pushed me away from the day she was born. It appeared to me that when I touched her I was hurting her. The doctor reassured me she had no broken bones. Nothing was physically wrong. Then we started questioning if she was hearing us. She had a hearing test done when she was 9 months old. The result, negative. I took her to the doctor several times for severe tantrums from age 12 months on. At 13 months we had a referral screening done. Our family was given a individualized family plan from Northern Iowa Early Intervention when she was 15 months old. We also went to a integrated evaluation planning clinic at that time. She had a Psychological assessment. Multiple people came to our home to evaluate Lindsey. She had many doctor appointments for her poor eating habits, tantrums, lost speech, and regression. A speech therapist from birth to 3 came to our home 1 hour per week. She had a MRI, CT scan, and a second MRI done at the University of Iowa. She also had a second hearing test done. This happened all by the time she was 18 months. Her first diagnosis was at 18 month. Possible Pervasive development Disorder, Severe Tantrums. We continued working with multiple specialist for the next 10 months. Lindsey continued to regress. At 28 months she was evaluated from a Psychologist specializing in autism. Final diagnoses at 28 months. Autism. Because of Lindsey’s young age The Psychologist made several visits for the next 15 months and then followed her through the years. Each report reads, Lindsey continues to fit the diagnostic criteria for Autism Disorder. Why talk about this? Families go though so much to get answers. It is such a long process. I had many sleepless nights, so many worries. I was grateful to finally know how to help Lindsey and our whole family.

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