Lindsey Likes Jokes

At age 10 Lindsey was into acting and telling jokes. She would have Brittany run the camcorder. The camcorder was given to us from Todd’s parents. They said it was to big and also to heavy for them. I have to agree. The girls put it to good use. They worked on there comedy shows for hours. The videos are on VHS, we need to get them copied so we can be entertained now. Lindsey was also into telling jokes. She would say “I’m going to tell you a joke and you can laugh”. Just her saying that was funny. They say people with autism don’t understand jokes. They are very black or white thinkers. I think sarcasm was confusing for her. People use sarcasm as we know to say the opposite of what is true. Think about how confusing sarcasm is for people with autism. We now use sarcasm and she laughs. We just have to explain ourselves sometimes. I do think Lindsey told funny jokes!

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