Middle School Challenges

For Lindsey, the challenges of her middle school years were NOT just about school itself. We talked today about those years. She did enjoy acting in the 2 plays that she was in, but she didn’t feel comfortable around the other students. That is why she didn’t want to be in more school plays. She just wanted people to be kind to her. Lindsey is very visual and any little expression on someone’s face would make her feel unwanted, unliked, and that maybe people didn’t want to be around her. This is how she felt. I think this will always be hard for her . We also had a lot going on at home. We talked about things that happened at home. She didn’t know how to tell me her feelings. Brittany was having seizures and required a lot of attention. I didn’t know how hard this was for Lindsey. She said nothing back then about feeling left out. I know it now. When the girls were young, the focus on each girl needed to be different depending on who appeared to have a more severe medical need. I’m really glad she can communicate this to me now. Those years were so challenging for our entire family. We all have a different way of dealing with life challenges. Our family did the best we could do.

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