Self Care

Today was a day that I needed self care. Gym, Skin, and Dentist. I also got a quick last minute meet up with a friend. I think about all the families that can’t do these things without the help of respite care, family or friends. A family living with autism can’t just call the babysitter next door. People don’t understand this until you live it. We lived this for years. Sadly some families will live this forever. Lindsey couldn’t communicate her needs to us. Even if we could find someone, leaving her was so scary for me. What if something bad happened. She couldn’t talk to tell us if it had. That was my biggest fear. 24 years ago very few people heard of the word autism. How could they help her? What would they do to her? Who would even want to take this on? Yet, I needed a break. When we lived in Iowa, Todd stayed home every night after work so I could go to the store to buy milk. We lived almost separate lives. One parent giving the other parent a break. It was the only way we could do it back then.

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