Social Skills and Autism

When I read through all of Lindsey’s IEP’s they all say the same thing. Long Term Goals: Lindsey will improve her social skills. Lindsey will improve her communication skills. We worked on this for years. UWRF worked on this with her when she was 22. They practiced conversation initiation, body language, ending a conversation, and small talk. I will pick small talk to talk about. Think about having to make small talk when it feels extremely uncomfortable. Some days I don’t feel like making small talk, but it’s a part of my job. It’s not painful for me, just tiring at times. Then I think of the autistic person. We are constantly asking them to be something they are not comfortable being. This is why when we ask Lindsey how she is, Lindsey will tell you that she is exhausted. These skill don’t come natural for her, she has to work really hard, and she does.

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