Coffee is on day 2

Lindsey is up this morning enjoying her coffee and drawing. I had the delight of seeing Lindsey do something at the wedding yesterday that I still feel shocked about. She got up by herself and sang a love song to the Bride and Groom. It was what they asked people to do to see them kiss. I sat in my chair beaming. So many things rushed in my head. How can this be happening? Our little girl who was once nonverbal, and couldn’t look at people. We were always the first to leave a event in a dramatic fashion. Now 26 years old and she is having the time of her life. Singing in front of 150 people, and dancing the night away with Brittany and I. Later in the night we walked past the coffee bar, both Todd and I said ,”look Lindsey a coffee bar”. She smiled and laughed. She remembered the wedding from years ago, and her love for coffee. Yesterday I talked about the progress that she has made. Lindsey continues to get the support she needs as a adult living with autism. At 26, she is still making progress. Autism will never go away.

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