The coffee is on

Lindsey is home for a visit. She just worked 22 days with no break. We had a nice meal together last night. I always love having the girls here. We get up in the morning and enjoy our time together with a nice cup of coffee. Years ago when Grandpa and Grandma Moreland would come and stay Lindsey found that she loved drinking coffee with Grandpa. Our family is invited to a wedding today. It brings back a memory about a wedding we went to years ago. Lindsey did not enjoy the weddings and loud music in 2010. It was to many people, and to much noise. We were able to stay and listen to music at one wedding I’m remembering. She found the coffee bar and had a fabulous night. We felt it was progress and loved seeing her able to have a good time. Today I don’t have to worry about her having a good time. Brittany will even be able to get Lindsey on the dance floor.

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