Early Adjustment (Relationships)

The report I read this morning from Lindsey’s 1996 records reads. Babysitters: Does well. Sitter has been told to leave her alone and this works well for Lindsey. Family okay, sister should not touch Lindsey unless she permits it. Lindsey does not play with other children, she can play by them at times. Wow, this is hard to even imagine how our family was living. What about the sibling? I know that at times siblings want to be left alone. I had my morning talk with my sister this morning. She shared with me her weekend with her grandkids. The fun they had and also about a morning of one sibling not wanting what the other one did want. Not uncommon at all. But for Brittany to be told to never touch her sister when all she wanted to do is play with her. We have to remember, Don’t let the sibling be forgotten.

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