Autism: 1 In 42

Last night’s news was about the very scary coronavirus . They showed stores that the medicine shelves are empty, the bread shelves are empty, and people are extremely worried. The next new’s was about a Minnesota autism walk. They reported that Minnesota has a higher autism rate than the national average. 1 in 42. This is the news that scares me. When I think about all of these families facing the everyday challenges of autism, it makes me ask the question I’m sure all of these families have. WHY? When Lindsey was a baby, I turned on the news but I never heard about autism. That is because 1 in 10,000 kids were being diagnosed back in 1994. Today, we can even watch the Hollywood version of autism on TV. Autism is everywhere. I’m not lessing the severity of the coronavirus, or any other illness. I’m personally affected by these very scary growing numbers of autism.

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