Lindsey’s Rules

Lindsey is very much a rule follower. Never be late, be a team player at work, eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, be kind, get exercise, study hard, work hard. The list goes on and on. Then there are HER rules. At a very young age she had a rule that no matter what we were doing or where we were, 8:00 sharp is bedtime. This was something that she just couldn’t budge on. Many days we watched her stare at the clock waiting for it to say 8:00. I always told her if she was tired she didn’t have to wait until 8:00, or she could always stay up past 8:00. Rules are rules. There was no way this rule would change. I smile now thinking back on her many rules. Today autism looks similar. Lindsey will always follow rules, and have her own set of rules. It’s nice to see her be more of a flexible thinker. Some of her rules she can bend a little. She no longer has to wait for the clock to say 8:00. Lindsey can stay awake a little later. Especially when it’s in her plan.

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