Meeting Temple

When Lindsey was 16 years old I convinced her to meet Temple. Temple was coming to the UWRF to speak about autism. Lindsey was no sure she wanted to meet her. Up until that point, she had told me that her autism was her secret. I respected Lindsey’s feelings. She decided she would go. I believe the day that Lindsey met Temple did change her life. It changed her way of thinking. For the first time, she proudly said the words out loud. “I have autism”. Temple’s response was something I will never forget. “Good, now go do something with it”. Lindsey, Brittany, and I got in the car all excited. Lindsey shared with us that she would someday be just like Temple. A author, public speaker, and work with her gifted talent, art. 10 years later she continues her mission. With a lot of hard work, a loving family, therapist, friends, educators, and all the people that believed and continue to believe in her, are helping Lindsey make all these things happen.

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