Crafting / Pencil Art

When I was a little girl I went to craft sales with my Mom. She crocheted and sewed for a lot of church sales. Also, she baked for several events. This was to help support the ladies guild. I believe that is what they called it if I remember it right. I said to myself I will NEVER be a crafty person. I noticed all the ladies smiling at their tables, hoping people buy their craft. I THOUGHT I appreciated the talent and hard work that went into everyone’s work. I remember Mom working countless hours preparing for all the events. The truth is, I had no idea how much work a craft /art sale is. I now spend several hours in the week working on matting Lindsey’s pencil art and preparing for the up coming shows. We load and unload the car several times. Trying to get it all in. Todd tells me to bring the truck. I don’t like driving that big thing. I am always hoping our table at the event will be big enough. Will we need a lot of shirts? Should we bring 10 books or 500? You never know Ellen could be there! How much of Lindsey’s art will sell? Thinking, I sure hope we have less to pack up! I’m so happy that she has found her gifted talent, her craft. I watch her sit in a mostly dark room, I ask her if she needs more light and her response is always no. I have to remember Lindsey’s day can feel like sensory over load. Sitting in the dark drawing, is just what someone living with autism needs after a long day of working with a lot people. Live, Survive, Thrive

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