AuSM Conference

Another great conference. Lindsey and I got up at 3am. The car was loaded the night before. We like to be early . Lindsey has high anxiety about being late. I have anxiety about going to a new conference and being late. We make a great team. Of course we had a full hour to spare. We met so many wonderful people. I learn something new with every conference. Now I know to look at our space before unloading the entire car! I’m pretty sure the man next to our table was having a good laugh. He was trying really hard not to stare at our set up. We did visit with him throughout the day. He was a nice guy. I noticed that all the people working at the tables around us were really enjoying hearing Lindsey’s story. I think they could have told her story themselves by the end of the day. It reminded me of working at the Barber shop. We all heard each others story all day long. By the end of the day at work I could have told you the barbers hunting stories. Everyone has a story. Lindsey just decided she could help others by sharing hers. Everyone is there for the same reason. To help people living with autism. It’s a amazing feeling when I see her doing what she is doing. Both Lindsey and I have celiac disease. We never leave home without food. We only brought snacks for the day thinking we would order a meal at the hotel. We never ordered a meal. It was a busy day. A 2 hour drive home at 5:00 pm, I was becoming Hangry . Birds had pooped on my car windshield . I made a comment to Lindsey about the dang birds. She proudly told me, ” nature is one big restroom for animals.” Of course I had to laugh! Our mom and daughter day is always filled with laughter! You never know what she is going to say. Live, Survive, thrive.

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