Autism Awareness Month

Its  been a busy week for our family. Tuesday, April 2nd, we shared
our story and mission to spread autism awareness at the University of 
Wisconsin, River Falls. We are so grateful for family, friends, and new 
friends who came to hear our message. On Thursday, we talked to over 350 
students at Willow River Elementary in Hudson. We worked hard to develop 
two new presentations geared toward K-2 and 3-5 grades. Brittany did an 
amazing job creating the power points for us. Both of the presentations 
went well. The students were great, and we even got letters of gratitude 
from some of them. We loved that they thought Lindsey’s art was awesome, 
and Brittany’s hair was cool. I did get one positive comment on my 
jacket-lol. Aren’t kids just fun and honest? You are never too young to 
hear a message of being kind and that is what we promoted. We also had a 
presentation in the evening for parents. Although the crowd was small, 
we got to meet with others connected with autism. One individual spoke 
up that he was there because his daughter (who had heard us during the 
day) insisted he come and hear our message. Up ahead….we look forward 
to going to Wisconsin Dells for the Wisconsin Autism Convention on 
Thursday and Friday of this week.. We hope the weather doesn’t make it 
difficult for everyone-including us. The MOA walk is Saturday, and we 
are excited about that, too. April is definitely busy, yet we are 
committed to spread awareness and help others. I remember feeling 
hopeless so many years ago, and honestly we have daily reminders of how 
tough it is to have autism and mental illness, but if I can help just 
one person to feel just a bit of hope in the month of April, it will all 
be worth it.

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