Spring Break? with my sister:)

Yeah, I get to blog with/for Lauri today. I am Linda, Lauri’s sister, and proud aunt of Lindsey and Brittany. I am a third grade teacher in Hudson, and we are on spring break this week. Go to Florida or hang out with my sister???? Hmmm…(Which is cheaper? Lauri says she is more fun!) So, I get to spend some quality time with Lauri. I am always amazed how quickly the time flies when we are drinking coffee, visiting, and working on their autism awareness mission.

Lauri was sharing how 1 in 10,000 children were diagnosed with autism 23+ years ago, and now it is 1 in 59 for girls and 1 in 49 for boys. It is almost autism awareness month, and now is the time for us to all support, honor, accept, and spread awareness for everyone affected by autism.

Lauri brought over my new shirt designed by Lindsey, and it is awesome (maroon with gold lettering) especially if you are a Minnesota fan. Maybe, someday they will have Badger colors. They have black shirts with white letter, and OF COURSE blue with white lettering if anyone is interested. I got mine for $10.00 because I joined Lindsey and Zach’s Fraser Walk Team at MOA on April 13th.

I talked to Lindsey on the phone today, and she is always beyond grateful for all of the support and help she gets from her family. The River Falls Journal is writing an article about Lindsey, and they sent her a list of questions to answer. She is excited to speak in North Hall at U.W.R.F. on Tuesday, April 2 (National Autism Awareness Day) at 6 pm. She said that it is her dream come true. Nine years ago, when she listened to and met her idol Temple Grandin, she became interested in speaking about her own autism and imagined what it would like to speak at UWRF just like Temple.

She wants to “Light it up Blue”-meaning fill the auditorium with people all wearing blue to celebrate this special day that means so much to her family and her. She hopes to motivate and inspire others just like Temple Grandin. Wouldn’t it be great to fill up the auditorium? She is also excited to see family, friends, and to meet new people.

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